Wilmington Treatment Center Staff

The Wilmington Treatment Center staff is comprised of friendly, caring individuals who have been chosen for their sensitivity and insight. Our employees take an interest in each individual, gaining satisfaction from helping others gain insight into their drug and alcohol related problems. The staff consists of an ASAM Board Certified Medical Director, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Licensed Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed and Masters Level Clinicians, Certified Substance Abuse Counselors, Licensed Recreation Therapist, Certified Art Therapist, Physicians Assistants and Registered Nurses.

Pam Stalls, LCAS, CCS, LMFT

Executive Director

Pam has been working in the substance abuse field since 1994. Since that time she has had the privilege to serve people with addiction in inpatient and outpatient programs as well as in non-profit and for-profit organizations.

In February of 2000, Pam took her first job at Wilmington Treatment Center as the Family Counselor. After two years with WTC, she had the opportunity to supervise a Gender Specific SAIOP and during that time she received her License in Marriage and Family Therapy, License Clinical Addition Specialist and Certified Clinical Supervisor credentials. All the while gaining experience and looking for opportunities to return to Wilmington Treatment Center. Pam has been privileged to have these diverse experiences to bring to my position as the Director of Counseling at Wilmington Treatment Center. In September of 2009, the opportunity presented itself and she was honored to become the Director of Counseling beginning in November of 2009. Pam’s passion is her commitment treating to our patients and their families. She resides in Wilmington with her husband and son.

Bernard Gottschalk, MD

Medical Director

ASAM Certified.
Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine
Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine

Dr. Gottschalk (or Dr. G as he is known around WTC) has been with Wilmington Treatment Center since 2005. Earlier in his medical career pathway, Dr. Gottschalk functioned as a medical oncologist treating patients whose lives and the lives of their families were disrupted by an oftentimes fatal disease. He soon became weary and his zeal for life dampened by the fatalistic atmosphere that pervaded the world of adult medical oncology. In an eerily similar manner his subsequent career, Addiction Medicine, deals with patients and families that have had their lives disrupted by a potentially fatal disease as well. In the field medical oncology, the truly curable cases hold a minority position in the universe of neoplastic diseases. There were many times in oncology that he questioned the merit of his efforts and had trouble discerning the measurable benefits to the patients from services provided. In Addiction Medicine, 100% of the patients he interacts with are salvageable. In fact, the majority of the clients benefit from even the minutest interaction, a situation he finds to be quite rewarding. As an Addiction Medicine Specialist, Dr. Gottschalk’s training allows him to create various pathways that ultimately give help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless. His personal growth involves developing and maintaining the compassion and tolerance necessary so that he may love my patients until they learn to love themselves and recover. The preceding can be summarized and communicated in one short sentence by those of you who care to. Treating Addiction saves Lives.

Mandy Anderson-Ille, BS in Biology

Director of Marketing

Mandy joined the staff of Wilmington Treatment Center in February 2000. She started as the receptionist but moved on to Treatment Assistant and Ward Clerk before moving to the Marketing Department in 2001. She moved to Raleigh for four years to represent the facility as a Community Relations Representative. In 2005, she was promoted to Director of Marketing. Mandy also oversees the WTC Alumni Association. Mandy graduated from UNC Wilmington with a degree in Biology and a minor in English.

Mandy is glad to be back in Wilmington with her husband and two dogs.

David Currier, MA, LCAS, AADC

Program Director – IOP Wilmington

David has been with Wilmington Treatment Center since 2011. He started as an inpatient counselor before moving to the Intensive Outpatient program in Wilmington. David started his career in the US Army. After receiving the rank of Staff Sergeant, he was honorably discharged after ten years of service. David has over 15 years of experience in the substance abuse and mental health field. He is licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and North Carolina. David is currently writing his PhD dissertation in Advanced Human Behavior.

Susan Reed, BA, CSAC, NCAC II

Family Counselor

Susan has been working with substance abuse treatment patients and their families since 1981. She worked for 10 years at an inpatient facility as a counselor and then Clinical Director. During this time she was a panel member for the Health Care Professionals monthly program at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Her outpatient experience consisted of working 14 years in the Adolescent Division of Fairfax County, VA’s Alcohol and Drug Services, 2 years as a counselor then 12 years as a Clinical Supervisor. While with Fairfax County, she was also the liaison between Alcohol & Drug Youth Services and two other county agencies serving adolescents, the Juvenile Court and the Woodburn Mental Health Center. Susan has been working at the Wilmington Treatment Center since March 2007.